About Us




Ecco il Caffe is run by Chris Georgallis and Karl Glaser. The name literally means “Behold the coffee” in Italian.

Both Chris & Karl are crazy about all things coffee related and decided to make their favourite beverage the focus of their working lives!

Ecco started out creating vibrant and fun coffee-shop and eatery style solutions within the corporate world. They began their pilot concept of Ecco as an Artisan Coffee and Gourmet food solutions for the Corporate Market within the advertising Agency of TBWA Fusion & The Marketing Agency of JMC Melnics back in 2004. They ran their first store in Victoria Junction Office park soon after in Green Point.

Their concept evolved into a specific in-house operation back in 2008 & still exists on Sir Lowry Rd in Cape Town’s trendy Woodstock area. Here you will find team Ecco, looking after young Uber trendy executives at the Head offices of the prestigious Advertising Agency of Ogilvy Cape Town. Here you will smell and taste the aromatic aromas of the best artisan coffee in Cape Town mixed with the sumptuous smells of fine café fusion cuisine.  The internal café is called “The Buzz” & it does literally buzz with a mix of great coffee, delicious food & fun filled creative energy!

For the last 5 years Ecco’s largest project has been taking care the African foot print of Amazon.com. This global giant has established a Call Centre, Seller Support and Web development Centre of Operations in Gardens Cape Town. Team Ecco Provides for the daily needs of over 2500 Amazonian staff! This is no mean feat & Ecco, have a main site and a smaller satellite site within the Amazon Cape Town Campus.

Karl and Chris are always full of ideas and innovation!

They specialise in creating the perfect mix of great coffee with awesome café food.

Karl likes to talk about the three places that exist for people’s wellbeing;

The first place is home, the second place is work and the third place is where you go to treat yourself. He goes on to say, that the wonderful thing about coffee shops are that they easily combine work and spoiling of oneself. In essence, ECCO, is that third place where the best elements of, home, work and play find a happy co- existence.

Although they have been around for quite a while, working the corporate scene meant that they never really had a street presence.  This has happily changed, and they have launched two new high street stores in 2016.

One is found in Salt River’s up and coming and trendy Durham Avenue and the other in the heart of the urban business community of the Foreshore, opposite the Media 24 Building and close to the new Christian Barnard Life Memorial Hospital, on Rua Vasco Da Gama.

Having been around from the beginning of the coffee boom in Cape Town, they know many of the granddaddies of artisan coffee.

In the early Origin days they supplied Origin with most of their Cafe food.  Origin now supplies them with their Ecco Premium Blend specially created for their new stores.  They also support, a local Italian roaster who roasts for them also, and who supplies their Ecco house blend.

Chris is from London and of Greek Cypriot descent – he founded Ecco in 2004,  as a food and coffee company. Karl moved to Cape Town from Durban in 2005 and had his own coffee company.  They found each other, became business partners and took their passion for Coffee and Food to new heights while growing Ecco together.

These guys really care about their regulars and know most of them by name. Staff are often serving coffee before the doors have officially opened in order to cater for early birds on their way to work or studies.  Prices are super good, because they are catering to students and workers in the area and they want them to come by every day.

Chris loves the magic of making people feel valued and happy. He has taught his staff to embody this. Nowhere is this better expressed than in the traditional Greek values which govern hospitality.

He elaborates that it’s about recognising that customers should:

‘Come in as a strangers or guests, but always leave as a friends.’

Everyone at Ecco lives by this;

From the managers, to the baristas, to the chefs and the kitchen teams, they all work together to create a Third place, where the lines between work and play are blurred.

A place where great coffee & great food create great vibe ….that’s Ecco.